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Valentine's Day was on Thursday, and no matter how you celebrated, a big part of a successful relationship is talking about money. Valentine’s Day is a great way of giving your loved one a reminder of your commitment and care, and one of the most powerful ways to do that is to have an open and honest talk about money.

Talk to your partner and your family about what your goals are—for the coming year, and for the years to come up until retirement and beyond. Then, working with me, come up with a plan for your portfolio that will work to help you meet those goals.

Families and couples show their love by looking out for each other, by protecting them and investing for the future in ways that demonstrate their support and care. Embedded in the decisions we make about money are the deep feelings we have for those close to us. Valentine’s Day is the perfect reminder to work with those close to you to form a meaningful picture of your money and of your future together.

Please feel free to share these articles with your family and friends—they are excellent conversation starters.


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